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White Chocolate and Gold Hollow Chocolates:

q/s Tempered white chocolate
q/s Sosa Powdered Gold Colouring
q/s Gin

Set a bit of Powdered Gold Colouring in a bowl.
Add a little gin (or another white alcohol) and mix with a sponge.
Paint a chocolates polycarbonate mould with the mix with the help of the sponge.
Once the alcohol has evaporated completely, add the tempered white chocolate with a pastry bag, filling the holes to the top.
Let set between 30 seconds to a minute in the mould and then turn it upside down to empty the holes, in order to create a hollow shell.
Let set at 15ºC and set aside.

Lychee and Pine nut Ganache:
100 g Sosa Pine Nut Pure Paste
100 g Lychee Purée
3 g Sosa Wax Concept
10 drops Sosa Lychee Aroma

Heat at a bain-marie the Pine Nut Pure Paste and the Wax Concept up to 65ºC in order to melt the wax, stirring with a spatula.
Aside, heat the lychee purée up to 70ºC.
Emulsify the mixture of pine nut paste and wax with a disc blender, adding bit by bit the hot lychee purée.
Add the Lychee Aroma and stir well. Keep at 35ºC until its use.

White Chocolate and Gold Hollow Chocolates
Lychee and Pine Nut Ganache
Tempered white chocolate

Fill the hollow shells of the white chocolate and gold chocolates with the lychee and pine nut ganache.
Set in the fridge so the ganache crystallizes.
Once crystallized, close the chocolates with tempered white chocolate and smooth out with a spatula to get a good finishing.
Let set for 24h at 10ºC and 15% humidity before unmoulding.