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200 g Orange juice
20 g Sosa Albumin
350 g Milk
3 g Salt
30 g Sosa Orange Compound
30 g Sosa Instangel
325 g White Chocolate Coverture
100 g Sugar
325 g Olive Oil

Whip the orange juice and the Albumin with a Kitchen Aid.
Add 1/3 of the sugar.
While the mix is being whipped, heat the coverture in a bain-marie so it melts.
Add another 1/3 of the sugar to the whipping meringue.
Aside, add the milk, the salt, the Orange Compound and the Instangel to a big bowl and blend.
Add the last 1/3 of the sugar to the meringue.
Once the chocolate is melted, add it bit by bit to the second mix and emulsify with a blender until it is well integrated.
When the meringue is completely whipped, add it to the mix equilibrating densities.
Finish to integrate the meringue with the help of a silicone spatula.
Place the resulting mousse in a pastry bag.
Use. To give the mousse the desired shape, it is recommended to introduce it in the desired mould and freeze before unmoulding.