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90 g Water 1
90 g Coconut Liquor (Malibú)
20 g Sosa Powdered Albumin
500 g Sugar
200 g Water 2
100 g Sosa Liquid Glucose
12 u Sosa Gelatine Sheets
10 drops Sosa Coconut Aroma

Coating base:
100 g Sosa Corn Starch
100 g Sosa Icing Sugar
100 g Sosa Powdered Coconut Milk

Mix the water 1, the coconut liquor and the Albumin with a blender.
Whip in the Kitchen Aid.
Mix the sugar, the water 2 and the Liquid Glucose in a saucepan and heat until reaching 130ºC.
Aside, hydrate the Gelatine Sheets.
Once the mixture has reached 130ºC, add the previously hydrated Gelatine Sheets and mix with a silicone spatula.
Add the second mix to the first whipped one very carefully and keep whipping slowly until the mixture is lukewarm.
Once cooled, add the Coconut Aroma and whip a few more minutes.
Aside, mix with a whisk the coating ingredients: Corn Starch, Icing Sugar and Powdered Coconut Milk.
Sift the coating mix.
Add the previous meringue to a pastry bag with a 1 cm tip.
Dispose lines with the pastry bag on an oven tray with the coating base and cover with more coating.
Keep at room temperature (16ºC) for 24h. Use