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• 200g Sosa Component A free mould
• 20g Sosa Component B free mould
• 1 Sosa Mini apple
• tbls Sosa Mannitol
• Mint green colouring

Mix the two components and vacuum pack 100%, ensuring that it is free of bubbles. Prepare a round ring, covering the base with cling film. It has to be very well covered, so to ensure this you can heat he cling film a little so that it adheres better to the ring. Fill half the ring with the silicone and leave to stand for 30 mins. Put in the apple and leave to stand for a few minutes more. Add more silicone until the apple is completely covered. Leave to rest for 12 hours.
Remove the ring mould and cut in the middle. Cut the apple and wash it well.
Heat the mannitol to 180°C, add a pinch of colouring, mix well and pour a small amount into one half of the mould. Close and shake the mould in every direction until the mannitol has cristallised. Open and remove the non-sweet caramel.