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Coconut and rum sphere with pineapple cold confit

For the texturized liqueur: 100 ml. Coconut and rum liqueur 0,2 gr. Xantana clear For the coconut sphere 100 ml Coconut milk c/s Coconut oil For the finishing: c/s. Pineapple cold confit Process For the texturized liqueur: Add xantana to the rum very gently to avoid lumps. Mix with wire whip until it is completely dissolved. Texture will be thicker. For the coconut sphere: Open a 50cc plastic sphere. Grease the inside with coconut oil and fill in one half with coconut milk. Close it. Fill in the nitro bowl with 250ml of liquid nitrogen and place the sphere inside. Move it in all directions so all the coconut milk gets frozen. Open the sphere and remove the coconut gently. Make a hole with a hot stick and introduce the liqueur with a syringe. Keep in the freezer. For the finishing Put some cold confit (like a spoon size) on the dish and place the sphere on top.