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Albumina Macaron

STEP 1 · for the base dough

500 g Icing Sugar Sosa
500 g Almond Flour Sosa
170 g Water (it can be replaced by fruit juices, flavours or pulpas Sosa)
15 g Albumina Sosa
0,3 g Colourings in powder Sosa (optional)

STEP 2 · for the syrup
500 g sugar
220 g water

STEP 3 · for the meringue
15 g Albumina Sosa
175 g water

STEP 1 · For the macaron dough

Mix icing sugar and almond flour in the Thermomix or a mincer, until getting a fine powder.
Pour the mix into the kneading machine bowl.
Aside, mix water with Albumina powder with a whisk, until it is completely dissolved. Pour the mix into the bowl containing the almond flour and icing sugar. Mix very well with the spatula during 30 seconds. Add the red colouring (optional) and mix again until the dough is homogeneus.

STEP 2 · For the syrup
Mix 500 g of sugar with 220 g of water in a saucepan and heat until 118 ºC.

STEP 3 · For the meringue
While the syrup is cooking, whisk Albumina and water until getting a firm meringue.
When the syrup has reached 118ºC (step 2) add the mix of water and Albumina (step 3) little by little at medium speed.
Once everything is mixed, increase speed until the meringue is warm. This process is for making Italian meringues. Finishing: Mix dough (step 1) with Italian meringue (step 2 and 3).
Keep mixing slowly with a spatule until getting a fine mix. Pour the mix inside a piping bag and pipe out small balls on a silicon paper. Let rest at room temperature during 20 minutes or until the macaron has a thin layer on top that is not sticky.
Cook in the oven at 155 ºC and from 8 to 10 minutes. The macaron surface needs to look shiny and smooth. The inside of the macaron needs to be a soft and creamy paste.

Sample of filling:
200 g  Strawberry pulp
60 g  Nevuline sugar
495 g  Milk chocolate 36%
70 g  Butter

Heat the strawberry pulp and Nevuline sugar until boiling. Add the chocolate and mix with blender until chocolate is melted.
Let cool until 34ºC and add butter.
Blend again and let rest until it reaches around 20ºC. Fill in the macarons.
Suggestions: It is better to make the filling before, so it can rest and get the ideal texture.