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Chocolate walnuts

Ingredients: 300 gr. Component A 30 gr. Component B 2 u. walnuts As needed: Plasticine (to attach the piece to shape and seal the container) Polypropylene (a plastic sheet to contain the mold) rubber chicken (to hold the container) Process: Substrate Preparation: The original surface must be clean and free of waste. If necessary, and when the substrate is porous, use a suitable release agent. Mix: Pour into a clean container 100g of component A and and 10g of component B and mix until the component B is completely dispersed in the base. You can mix by hand or using a mechanical stirrer, but do not mix for a long period of time or allow the temperature to go over 35°C. It is recommended to mix in small quantities to ensure a good mix of component A and component B. It is recommended to eliminate trapped air by placing the mixture in a vacuum chamber, allowing it to completely expand and collapse. Keep the mixture for 1-2 more minutes in the vacuum chamber and then proceed to check it. If there are no air bubbles, the mixture can be used. Please bear in mind that the mixture will increase volume 3 to 5 times, so you should use a big enough container. Note: If you do not have the required equipment, you can reduce the amount of bubbles by mixing small amounts of component A and component B and then use a brush applying a layer of 1 or 2 mm to the surface. Keep at room temperature until the surface is free of bubbles and the layer has begun to heal. Mix another amount of component A and component B and pour the mixture on the original as quickly as possible, to avoid air occlusions. The catalyst material will heal within 18-24h at a room temperature of 22-24 º C, forming a flexible rubber mold, which can be easily separated from the original.