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Escalivada Mousse


150 g cooked 'escalivada'
100 g water
15 g ground roast pepper
10 g Culinary Journey Vegetables Fond
250 g semi-whipped cream
Sosa black savoury cornets
100 g Sosa Instant Mousse Neutro


Mix the cooked 'escalivada', the Vegetables Fond and ground roast pepper in a blender, strain and set aside. Mix with the Instant Mousse Neutro, which will act as a stabiliser and gelling agent for the mousse.
Mix with the semi-whipped cream and set aside in the fridge for 10 minutes.
When it starts to set, fill the savoury cones, which have been previously coated with wax oil to preserve their crunchiness, and set aside.
Finally, finely julienne the celery and submerge in iced water for 5 minutes before serving so it is crisp and crunchy. Strain and sprinkle herbs on the cone.