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Quick Paella Marinera


30 g Culinary Journey Paella Marinera Base
120 g 'sÚnia' rice
360 g water
3 prawns
7 mussels
1 small squid
Olive oil
Lemon to decorate


Heat a paella pan with olive oil and add the sliced squid. Add the prawns and lightly cook for 1 minute. Remove the prawns.
Add the Paella Marinera Base and the rice. SautÚ lightly and add the hot water.
Move the pan for the rice to settle and let cook over medium heat.
Halfway through the cooking add the mussels and then the peas.
After 12 minutes add the prawns and let cook for 3 more minutes.
Remove from heat and place the lemon cut into quarters. Cover and let settle 5 minutes before serving.