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Cockles with Appetizer Sauce Foam


250 g Culinary Journey Aperitiu Sauce
50 g Water
30 g Sosa Proespuma Cold
Sosa Cold Confit Lemon Shavings


Place the cockles in a pan and cover and cook until they open. This takes approximately 2 minutes. Once they are open, remove from the pan and leave to cool.
Separately, mix the Aperitiu Sauce with the water and the Proespuma Cold and mix in the blender, fill the siphon and close. Add 2 cartridges of gas and set aside in the fridge.
Place the cockles on a plate with Cold Confit Lemon Shavings and some Aperitiu Sauce foam to finish it off.
It can also be presented in a tin with the cockles around it and the foam in the centre.