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Confit Cod with 'Ajoblanco' Mousseline


400 g Culinary Journey Ajoblanco
100 g egg yolk
25 g Sosa Proespuma Hot
Sosa Cold Confit Pearl Onions
Culinary Journey Tomato Concentrate


Mix the Ajoblanco, egg yolk, the Proespuma Hot in a bain-marie and heat to 60 ║C, stirring continuously. Add salt and pepper as required and set aside in a whipping siphon, applying 2 cartridges of gas, in a bain-marie at 55 ║C for service.
Separately, confit a ration of approximately 100 g of cod submerged in extra virgin olive oil at 85 ║C for 8 minutes and drain on a paper towel.
Dilute a tablespoonful of Tomato Concentrate with a little water until a sauce consistency is achieved, adding salt as required.
Fry some parsley leaves and set aside for the garnish.
Place 3 Cold Confit Onions on the plate with the cod and some drizzled tomato sauce. Garnish with a heaped tablespoonful of hot ajoblanco foam and brown it with a blowtorch.
Decorate with the fried parsley.