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Bol au Vent Stuffed with Minced Chicken in Truffled Velouté


2 vol au vent portion sized
200 g roasted chicken
40 g butter
40 g flour
500 g water
20 g Chicken Fond Culinary Journey
30 g Truffle Pulp Culinary Journey
Whole truffle
Sosa Freeze-dried Chive


Melt the butter in a saucepan and add the flour and the Chicken Fond. Mix.
Add the water and stir vigorously with the whisks to break up the roux. Cook for 10 minutes.
Mince the chicken.
Add the minced chicken to the velouté progressively little by little with the Truffle Pulp until a creamy yet compact filling is obtained.
Fill the vol au vent with this mixture.
Garnish with sliced truffle and Freeze-dried Chive.