Passion fruit ganache


115 g Passion fruit puree
0.6 g Sosa Vanilla Seeds
40 g Sosa Liquid Glucose
30 g Sosa Granulated Sorbitol
300 g Valrhona Opalys 33% White Couverture
30 g Valrhona Cocoa Butter


Mix in a saucepan passion fruit puree with Liquid Glucose, Granulated Sorbitol and Vanilla Seeds.
Heat up to 40ºC and stir well until sugars are well dissolved.
Aside, melt the cocoa butter in a water bath.
Add the Opalys couverture and melt at 40ºC.
Combine both elaborations and emulsify the mixture with a hand blender.
Cling film and set aside in the fridge overnight before using.

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