Olive Oil Pâte a Fruit


495 g Sugar
450 g Water
22.5 g Sosa Jaune Pectin
135 g Sosa Liquid Glucose
6 g Sosa Citric Acid
350 g Olive oil
1 g Salt
8 g Sosa Natur Emul


Mix sugar with Jaune Pectin.
Aside, heat water with glucose at 40ºC.
Sprinkle the previous elaboration without stopping to stir to ensure a correct dissolution.
Let reduce until reaching 105ºC. It is necessary to stir every 5 minutes, but not constantly.
While the previous preparation boils, mix in a jar oil with Citric Acid, salt and Natur Emul.
Add this mix on the first preparation, while emulsifying with a hand blender. It is necessary to avoid introducing air to avoid bubbles.
Pour the mixture on a tray and cover with a guitar sheet to prevent from drying. Let set at room temperature overnight.
Cut to desired size and use.

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