Macaron cookie without animal protein


210 g Water
23 g Sosa Potatowhip
2 g Sosa Gelespessa (Xantana)
250 g Sosa Icing Sugar
500 g Sosa Macaron Mix
0.8 g Sosa Lemon Yellow Colouring Powder


Mix water with Potatowhip and Gelespessa and blend for one minute to ensure proper integration.
Separate the mixture in two equal parts.
Pour half of the mixture into a bowl and whip with the Kitchen Aid.
When it is well whipped, add icing sugar in three times, as if it was a French meringue, while still whipping.
Meanwhile, mix the second half of the mixture with Macaron Mix and Yellow Colouring Powder, obtaining a marzipan.
Once whipped, combine a third of the meringue in the marzipan to obtain a lighter base.
Integrate well with a silicone spatula and add the rest of the meringue with surrounding movements to preserve the air inside.
Arrange the result in a pastry bag with a smooth 5 mm nozzle.
Pipe macarons of the desired size on a silicone mat.
Let dry for 30-45 minutes.
Bake at 150ºC for 9 minutes.
Cool and set aside the macaron cookies.

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