Coconut and lemongrass caramel


200 g Sosa Cremsucre
100 g Sosa Liquid Glucose
30 g Water
10 g Elle & Vire Butter 82%
q/s Coconut and lemongrass coating


Mix Cremsucre with Liquid Glucose and water and caramelize at 190ºC.
Remove from heat and add butter, stirring well until well dissolved.
Spread caramel on a silicone mat to let it crystallize.
Once cold and well crystallized, crush caramel with a food processor until a fine powder is obtained.
Sprinkle the obtained powder using a fine sieve on a silicone mat creating a thin layer.
Bake 2-3 minutes at 200ºC to caramelize creating an irregular and organic texture.
Remove from oven and sprinkle while hot the coconut and lemongrass coating on top, to adhere better the powder.
Let cool and cut irregular pieces to use.

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