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General information on the service provider:

In all respects to the conditions set out in Law 34/2002, of July 11th, for the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services (hereinafter LSSICE), users are informed (hereinafter USER), who accesses this website with the domain,, (hereinafter, WEBSITE), the following GENERAL INFORMATION ON THE SERVICE PROVIDER:


-  Address; C/ Sot d’Aluies, s/n, P.I. Sot d’Aluies, 08180 Moià, Barcelona

-  VAT number: B08932188

-  Telephone: +34938666111

-  Fax: +348666094

-  E-mail:

-  Registered with the Barcelona Registry Office under Book 23945, Folio 77, Page number 61693, General section, Registration 6.

Furthermore, SOSA INGREDIENTS hereby informs the USER of the following terms and conditions:

1.  General conditions of use of the website

Contents, commercial activities and services, in general, that we facilitate through the WEB are subject to the terms and conditions to be laid down in “Legal Notice and Privacy Policy” (hereinafter, NOTICE) and comply with the latest Spanish legislation, especially with the mentioned LSSICE and the current regulation of Personal data protection, specifically the European Parliament and council Regulation (UE) 2016/679 of 27th of April 2016, related to Personal data protection of natural persons regarding the use of personal data and its free circulation (hereafter RGPD).

Consequently, accessing and using the WEB by any person shall be assigned to the status of USER and the full acceptance of all terms and conditions contained in this Notice from the time that you access the Web.

Accessing to the website, as well as requesting any type of information are totally free.

SOSA INGREDIENTS reserves the right to unilaterally modify any of the points included in the Terms and Conditions of the rules of use without prior, on the terms and conditions it considers appropriate, informing the user of the modifications effected through

If one of the stipulations in the present contract are considered invalid or declared as such by application of a law, the other stipulations will remain within the terms agreed upon. SOSA INGREDIENTS undertakes to substitute the stipulation in question, adhering as far as possible to the initial agreement of the parties.


2.  Privacy Policy


Through different sections of contact of the web as well the register in it, we collect your personal information to respond to your posted queries and give information on products and services of SOSA INGREDIENTS. So, if you send a requiring information message via e-mail on SOSA INGREDIENTS, we will use your e-mail address and other information sent by you to handle your request.

When we use your personal information to inform on other services of SOSA INGREDIENTS, we will communicate you what type of message is and you may refuse to receive further this type of communications. You hereby expressly allow this data to be handled for the purposes detailed, including the sending of commercial communications via e-mail on the products and services we offer.

SOSA INGREDIENTS understands the importance of protecting children's privacy  in the online world. So, it is our policy not to collect or maintain Personally Identifiable Information from any person under 13 years old. To protect the privacy of all the users it is strictly forbidden the sending of any data about your ideology, religion, beliefs, racial origin, health, or sex life.

SOSA INGREDIENTS recognizes its responsibility in protecting the privacy of your personal data. If you have any questions or comments concerning our management of your personal data, contact us. You may also contact us to communicate any doubt you can have on the compliance of our privacy policy.

The purpose for which the relevant data shall be used are Client Control in all related with our products and distribution services. In case of sending your CV, the purpose will be the study of the different CV to proceed to the staff selection from the human resources department. You allow your data is handled in this way and not being used for other purposes.



We inform you that, as owner of these details, you will have the right of access, rectification, erasure and objection in the terms recognised under the data protection legislation. For this purpose, the written and signed request addressed to SOSA INGREDIENTS, SL, in C/ Sot d’Aluies, s/n, P. I. Sot d’Aluies, 08180 Moià, Barcelona, Spain or sending an e-mail to the following e-mail address shall suffice. The content of it has to be like following:

If the request is made by the individual concerned, s/he shall reveal his identity: name and surnames and photocopy of identity card or passport; address, date and signature; petition in which the request is specified (access, rectification, erasure and objection).

In case of exercising the rights of rectification or erasure you shall indicate which data you are referring to and the needed correction. If necessary, present some supporting documents.

If the request is made by a voluntary/legal representative, s/he shall inform about the identity of the represented person: photocopy of the identity card or passport; the representation conferred by the owner of the data; address, date, signature; petition in which the request is specified (access, rectification, erasure and objection).

In case of exercising the rights of rectification or erasure you shall indicate which data you are referring to and the needed correction. If necessary, present some supporting documents.



The responsible for the treatment has adopted adequate security measures that guarantee the integrity, confidentiality, security and recovery of the information in accordance with the European Parliament and council Regulation (UE) 2016/679 of 27th of April 2016, related to Personal data protection of natural persons regarding the use of personal data and its free circulation, according to the type of date you provide. Therefore, the data manager guarantees confidentiality of Personal Data, although this information is subject to be disclosed to public authorities and any other information in its possession or accessible through their systems and is required under the laws and regulations applicable to the case.



The file manager cares for the maintenance of the quality of the data you provide, ensuring that it is adequate, relevant and not excessive for the legitimate purpose of treatment. Users guarantee and respond, in any case, for the veracity, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the given Personal Data, and undertake to keep them up to date as required. Services provided by SOSA INGREDIENTS are not intended for use by children and SOSA INGREDIENTS doesn’t solicit or collect information relating to minors.

In accordance with RGPD you may withdraw the consent you have granted at any time. If you have provided us with your personal data or want to withdraw the consent given, send us an e-mail to the following e-mail address, or by mail to C/ Sot d’Aluies, s/n, P. I. Sot d’Aluies, 08180 Moià, Barcelona.

In case of our data protection policy has to change because of legislative changes or criterion from Data Protection Agency you will be conveniently informed of any necessary adjustments.

SOSA INGREDIENTS has policies and technological security procedures to protect your information of personal identification in case of loss, misuse, alteration or destruction unintentional. Our staff that has access to the data has been trained to maintain the confidentiality of this information.


3.  Commercial e-mail policy

According to LSSICE, SOSA INGREDIENTS makes no spam practice, so do not send commercial electronic mail that have not been previously requested or authorized by the USER. However, such authorization may be revoked at any time by the USER through the consent in writing to the registered office of SOSA INGREDIENTS or to the mail address written on the general information of this document.

At the same time, the USER being customer of Sosa is hereby notified that, according to the LSSICE, their data can be used to send these commercial e-mails, without your prior consent, provided that the e-mails are related with products or similar services. However, the USER may object at any time of receiving of these commercial e-mails through the same procedure, explained into the last paragraph.


4.  Grounds for exclusion

SOSA INGREDIENTS reserves the right to suspend, temporarily or permanently, USERS in any of the following cases: not complying the General Conditions of Use established in this document. Not complying the laws, the moral, and the public order. And including without limitation it is not allowed the use of the website or our services when including (i) copyright-infringing material not duly authorized, or that infringes any other right of intellectual or industrial property rights, (ii) offensive material or that threatens the security and national defence, (iii) material making apologies for terrorism, racism, or other discriminatory behavior for reasons of race, sex, religion, opinion, nationality, disability or any other personal or social circumstance, (iv) material that threatens the youth and the childhood, particularly pornographic material, especially which one that threatens the minors, (v) threatening, defamatory or inciting violence materials.

In accordance with the LSSI, SOSA INGREDIENTS will proceed to interrupt the service when knowing the existence of any unlawful activity or infringe property or rights of third parties.

The exclusion of the user shall not affect the renunciation of SOSA INGREDIENTS to take legal actions or compensations due by law.


5.  Intellectual property and copyright rights

The Internet users that enter to this web page can visualize the information contained in that page and make downloads or private reproductions into their computer, as long as the reproduced elements are not passed on to third persons or are settled in a server connected to Internet or to a local net. It is forbidden, without effecting that stipulated in the Rules of Use, to distribute, modify, provide, communicate publicly, or copy a part of or all the information published in, without the prior authorization of SOSA INGREDIENTS. All the information available on, its graphic design and the HTML, JAVA, JAVA Script or Active X language codes, are protected by copyright or other intellectual property protection rights.

These rights belong exclusively to SOSA INGREDIENTS or its licensors.

Users must use the contents and information contained in, diligently, correctly and legitimately and, in particular, only for personal use and no commercial, provided that don’t delete or amend the content or any mention of sources, copyright and other identifying data of rights of SOSA INGREDIENTS or of third parties, respecting the original form. Any reproduction or copy, distribution or publication of any kind of the content of the information published in without previous and written authorization of SOSA INGREDIENTS is prohibited.

The authorization for reproduction can be made to the e-mail address In case of any user or third party considers that any available content in has been inserted upon the website with violation of his copyright or intellectual property rights, he should inform to SOSA INGREDIENTS by e-mail to where he indicates a) his name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. b) Details of the owner of copyright or other rights of intellectual property protection that may have been infringed. c) Indication of the content infringed and location in the website d) Statement indicating that the introduction of the contents has been introduced without authorization of the owner of the copyright rights or other intellectual property rights. Without affecting that stipulated in the above paragraphs, SOSA INGREDIENTS reserves the right to defend themselves against claims based on the pertinent rules concerning publicity, copyright, and other intellectual property rights.

6.  Cookies policy

We would advise you that when you connect to our website the computer that hosts the site automatically recognises the IP address of your computer, together with the day and time you enter, the day and time you leave, and which parts of the website you visit. This is necessary because our computer knows the data of your computer and can communicate with it to send all you require through your browser and you can see it on your screen. Neither our computer nor ourselves will be able to access any personal details that you yourself have not provided us with.

Cookies are small text files that some websites can install in your computer. Their functions can be very varied: storing your preferences regarding navigation data, gathering statistical information, allowing some technical features, etc. Sometimes, cookies are used to store basic information concerning surfing habits of the user or its computer to the point of recognizing it.

There are different types of Cookies:

OWN COOKIES: They are sent to the computer of the user from a computer or domain controlled by the editor itself and from where the service required by the user is given.

THIRD-PARTY COOKIES: They are sent to the computer of the user from a computer or domain no controlled by the editor, but by other institution which works the data through the cookies.

Some cookies in the website are essential and without them the website doesn’t work correctly. These cookies are configured to work when a form is submitted, a website is registered or somebody interacts with the website.

We use analysis cookies which allow us to track information of the visits on the website anonymously and improve the experience of the website. They allow us quantify the origin of the visit, the web pages seen, the options that you select and the navigation route. The use of this data allows us improve our website. If you don’t agree with this, you can delete these cookies but some features of the site can not being available.

Our web uses cookies to improve the service we give. These cookies are installed automatically but they don’t contain any type of information about you, but exclusively technical information that allows the best communication with our computer. In your case, this information only will be threated globally and statistically.

In the web of SOSA INGREDIENTS is necessary using cookies to register the session of the user. If the cookies are not activated, won’t be possible to access to your account.

The cookies which we use are required to provide the services offered and in case of deactivation, this prevents the use of the website with complete functionality as well as hampers the navigation strongly. In the event of rejection of installation of cookies, we do not guarantee the supply of the services to the users.

We also use Cookies Flash. These cookies make it faster and easier to access to the web pages on subsequent visits that use the Flash technology. If you delete cookies you will have to add again information every time you visit the same web page.



At any moment you may exercise your right of deactivation or deletion of cookies of this website. These actions are made differently according to the browser you are using.

-  Neither this website nor its legal representatives are not responsible for any contents or reliability of privacy policies that can have the third mentioned in this policy of cookies.

-  Web browsers are the tools responsible of storing cookies and from this place you may exercise your right to delete or deactivate them. Neither this website nor its legal representatives can guarantee the correct or incorrect manipulation of cookies by the mentioned browsers.

-  In some cases, it is necessary to install cookies in order to the browser does not forget your decision of not accepting them.

-  In case of Google Analytics cookies, this company stores the cookies in servers located in United States and commits to not sharing with third parties, except in cases when it is necessary for the operation of the system or when the law obliges this. According to Google, it does not save your IP address. Google Inc. is a company attached to the Safe Harbor agreement which guarantees that all transferred data will be treated with a level of protection in the line of the European regulation.

-  For any query or doubt on this policy of cookies, feel free to contact us through


7.  Links or hyperlinks

SOSA INGREDIENTS is not owner of other sites of the net where you can access by using links or hyperlinks existing in the web. In consequence, the user will access under his exclusive responsibility to its contents and conditions of use.


8.  Information about technical resources

SOSA INGREDIENTS gives to users the appropriate technical resources so that, previously, they can access to this Legal Notice and Privacy Police or to any other relevant information and can give their consent freely.


9.  Exclusion of guarantees and liability

SOSA INGREDIENTS does not guarantee the liability, availability or continuity in the running of its web page, products or services offered to the user, for this reason declines all responsibility for any damages and/or prejudices, of whatever nature, arising from the lack of availability, reliability or continuity of its web page or services, but it will try to facilitate, in accordance with their means, technical support to the affected person.

SOSA INGREDIENTS shall not be liable for the service discontinuance, suspension, temporary server failure or the completion of the information or services nor any omissions, loss of information, data, setting, unauthorized access or violations of confidentiality as a result of a technical problem, communication or human omission caused by third parties or not attributable to SOSA INGREDIENTS.

SOSA INGREDIENTS is under no obligation to control and does not previously control  the absence of viruses or elements in the contents that may alter the software or hardware of the users or any person visiting the web pages, so it shall not be liable for damages and losses of any kind that may be caused.

SOSA INGREDIENTS is under no obligation to control and does not previously control, approve or assume as its own any services, contents, data, files, products and any existing material in this web page or web pages of third parties, so SOSA INGREDIENTS will not be liable under no circumstances for the legality of the contents of their web site/s, with this being the exclusive responsibility of the third parties, including without limitation, respect for legality, moral, good customs and public order, of the contents, as well as that those do not injure any right of third parties. In accordance with the LSSICE, SOSA INGREDIENTS shall not be liable for the information which we address you if we are not awareness that the activity or information where we address you is legal or it harms assets or rights of a third party. It shall be deemed to exist “effective knowledge” according to LSSICE when an authorized body has declared unlawfulness of the data, hence instructing their withdrawal or preventing access to them, or if the existence of the damage has been declared, and SOSA INGREDIENTS knows the corresponding resolution.

SOSA INGREDIENTS is under no obligation to control and does not control, nor does not guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of the running of the products or services offered to the users by third guests out of, so it excludes any responsibility for the damages and prejudices of any nature arising from the lack of availability, reliability or continuity of its web page or service. The user will respond to any damage of any nature that SOSA INGREDIENTS can suffer as a result of the breach by the user, the law or any of the general conditions enclosed in the current agreement.


10.  Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These rules of use shall be governed by Spanish law. SOSA INGREDIENTS and the users, to solve any controversy that could arise, with respect to the validity, execution, compliance or resolution, total or partial, shall accept, with express relinquishment to its own jurisdiction or to another which may correspond to them, the competence of the courts and tribunals of Barcelona. This contract contains the total and complete agreement between SOSA INGREDIENTS and the user, and substitutes all previous pacts, undertakings, statements or agreements, either written or oral, that may have previously existed between both.


Date of publication May 25th 2018.