Aula Sosa

Understand our ingredients, know their properties and know how to apply them correctly, optimizing recipes and processes is part of our mission. That’s why we offer periodic training to our clients free of charge and with a diverse theme that includes pastry, cuisine, ice cream and cuisine techniques.

Our Aules

Aula Sosa Moià

This Aula hosts more than 100 annual demonstrations since 2008, when we moved it from Castellterçol. Our technicians facilitate the understanding of the concepts and the use of the technological ingredients, bringing modern cuisine to all audiences.

Sot d'Aluies, s/n
Pol. Ind. Sot d'Aluies
08180 Moià (BARCELONA)
(+34) 938 666 111

Aula Sosa Madrid

Inaugurated in March of 2017, this new space responds to the growing demand for formation regarding our products. His catalog of demonstrations, focused both in pastry, restoration and ice cream, presents a wide range of options and levels, from the most basic to the complex and advanced.

Pedrezuela, 7B - Nave 29
Pol. Ind. Ventorro del Cano
28925 Alcorcón (MADRID)
(+34) 913 787 425

Our demos


Modern pastry

Optimization of the technical aspect of pastry with the introduction of new ingredients to simplify processes. More and more, new palates require stronger flavours, less fat and less sugar. These are the goals of this demonstration to satisfy new trends.

Basic restaurant desserts

Improvement of processes, flavours and dessert finishing by using Sosa texturizers. In 3 steps, we will elaborate desserts that will delight your customer.

Advanced restaurant desserts

Elaborated desserts, where different textures take part. In this demonstration, we will create desserts where technique is as important as flavour and texture.

Savoury pastry

Introduction of the savoury element in pastry, a less known aspect which adapts to the new customers’ demand.


Wide range of interesting elaborations, easy to prepare and to preserve: dragees, cookies, sticks. Enjoyable ideas for snacking that can help increase the daily income.

Petit fours i mignardises

New range of Petit Fours and Mignardises, addressed to bakeries and restaurants. Different techniques applied in these elaborations.

Valrhona & Sosa

We combine the exciting worlds of Valrhona’s chocolate and Sosa ingredients. We will discover the range of Valrhona’s covertures: composition, aromatic notes, applications and pairing. We will finish with a taste of different elaborations combined with Sosa ingredients.


Restaurant ice-creams

We will learn to formulate ice creams, sorbets and semi sorbets applied to the restaurant business. In a sweet and salty version, emphasizing the importance of ingredient balance to obtain the best taste, texture and conservation results.


The renewed ice-cream art. New proposals for bakeries and restaurants with the aim of making ice-cream formulation easier, using new ingredients, different applications and creating innovative presentations.


Traditional doughs

A journey throughout the main recipes of traditional dough to emphasize the importance of raw materials to get better results.

Modern viennoiserie

We will study how to incorporate new pastry ingredients into traditional viennoiserie, achieving synergies and unique pieces with surprising results, both in taste and properties as well as in their production.


Basic modern cuisine

Throughout a full menu, application of a texturizer on every dish. Creation of ideas and concepts, and elaboration of techniques in the frame of modern cuisine.

Advanced modern cuisine

Combination of different texturizers in a same dish, with techniques and textures on the service of the flavor.

Banquets & catering

In this demo we will learn to minimize processes by improving conservation, textures and flavors, offering new ideas for a market that demands practicality and efficiency.


Snacks have found a spot in the first line of the gastronomic space, becoming the first impression of a menu or the desired bite between hours. They are salty preparations apparently simple, but with a certain technical complexity, which can be mastered with technological ingredients. Elaboration of innovative snacks that will become the surprise of all starters.


Tapas have broken borders and are now an international trend. Tapas are a reduced version of the best gastronomy thought to be shared in a casual meal. This format of few quantities and a lot of variety will allow us to take advantage of the ingredients and technique in a more creative and free style, with a subtle integration of them, making this small dishes to be the protagonists.

Street food

A renewed vision of the Street Food, creating trends in the gastronomic world. With surprising and daring proposals, together with technological ingredients and a temporary delocalization of traditional sauces.


Basic textures

The basics of our texturizers range with practical examples for a better understanding of these products. Techniques that can be used in all types of cuisine.

Advanced textures

Explanations of the whole texturizers range with more complex applications. Learning combination of different textures to get different results.

Technology of extracting the flavor

From a roasting to a freeze dried. In this theoretical demonstration, we will review the main methods of extraction and strengthening of flavors, most of them produced by Sosa Ingredients. We will do an organoleptic taste of all ingredients.

Our technicians


Guillermo Corral

Provides the experience in modern cuisine and always looking for the perfect balance betweenst technique, flavour, texture and process.

Enthusiast, responsible, ambitious and highly motivated, he is a chef with International experience. Best Catalan Chef (Sant Pol de Mar, 2011), Best Dish and Best Pairing (Joviat School, 2007 and 2011).

Education in Joviat School (Barcelona) and professional experience as a Chef in awarded restaurants such as Lasarte*** (fish), Hotel Arts (banquets), Mont Sant Benet (banquets head chef), Les Voltes de Sant Sebastià (starters and desserts) and Lluçanes* (chef assistant).


Eduard Azuaza

Provides the experience and professionalism of its trajectory and a modern and innovative vision of all the variations of pastry.

With a long professional career, he has been chef, owner and purchasing manager all in once. Education in Escuela de Hosteleria from both Madrid and Girona and frequent collaboration in the radio programme Tàpies Variades (Catalunya Radio).

During more than 10 years he was co-owner of Les Voltes de Sant Sebastià restaurant, recommended by the Michelin Guide. Besides, he is a specialist of Italian and Piemont Cuisine and has experience in several restaurants.


Michael Zorin

The combination of his good technic and his passion for classic French pastry makes him an expert in complex and creative elaborations with exceptional flavors.

Constant and perfectionist, Michael was trained in gastronomy and restaurant business in Shencar -school (Israel) and he made his first steps in high level restaurants such as Shila , Boya and Yulia in Israel. Later on, he found his passion in pastry and bakery arts and he decided to move to France where he studied at the École Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie (France).

After that, he was selected to work in Palace Le Meurice** (Paris) as a member of Cedric Grolet’s team (Best pastry chef in the world, 2017 and 2018) where he stayed as regular worker. To share his knowledge and experience, he has also directed several masterclasses in Israel and Europe.


Jean Sivieude

Graduated in Pastry and Chocolates, trained in tradition and innovation.

An enthusiastic young entrepreneur, he graduated in pastry at the Ferrandi Paris Gastronomy School and in chocolates at the EPMT Gastronomy School, both in Paris, alternating with his job at Christophe Michalak Pastry.